Help Fight the Unjust Law: PL 15-108


This page exists for archival purposes.  PL 15-108 is now obsolete.  It and all other aspects of CNMI law governing entry, deportation, and employment of foreign labor in the CNMI were preempted by Subtitle A of Tile VII of the Consolidated Natural Resources Act of 2008, Pub. L. 110-229 (May 8, 2008), 122 Stat. 754, 853-67. 

Federalization of immigration control in the CNMI, however, has fallen far short of hopes and expectations.  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regretably modeled its transitional worker program after the deeply flawed and failed CNMI system, the CNMI failed (despite a formal protocol) to maintain a consistent and coherent policy and approach to federalization, and did nothing to seize the opportunities presented, and DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) perceived all the tens of thousands of aliens legally in the CNMI on the transition date as present in the United States without admission and hence functionally illegal.  The result was largely arbitrary and capricious removal practices, considerable unfairness and injustice, and a heavy litigation burden for the Woodruff Law Office on behalf of foreign nationals with little ability to pay.  

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Our opponents -- those possessed of government power in the CNMI (and their high-powered apologists) -- are engaged in a propaganda campaign to hide the true character of PL 15-108 and have it masquerade as a sensible and justified law.  At the same time, part and parcel with this effort, they are seeking to sow fear and confusion among foreign workers in the CNMI about their future immigration status in general, and in particular about the legislation presently pending in the U.S. Senate to assume federal control over immigration in the CNMI.

We need your help to increase public awareness of the legal infirmities and oppressive character of this unjust law, PL 15-108, and to mount legal challenges to prevent it from being enforced and implemented to make life even more difficult and uncertain for the already economically disadvantaged and politically disenfranchised foreign workers in the CNMI.

Help us expose the truth and fight in court for the rights and protection of foreign workers in the CNMI.  Help us pursue fairness, human dignity, and social justice.

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Thank you for your help!

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